If you wish to cancel an appointment then please do so as soon as possible. There will be a charge for any appointment booked with less that 24 hours notice. Please note that appointments cancelled on a Sunday will be deemed to be cancelled on the Monday for the purposes of calculating the 24 hour notice period.

We accept only dogs that are are fully vaccinated and are fit and healthy (subject to any of the conditions that you have advised us of prior to the groom) to ensure a safe environment for all our dogs.

We are not liable or responsible for any skin irritation, abrasion or hair loss caused by a pre-existing condition whether you have told us about it or not or for any mishap caused during the grooming process  including de-matting, thining, stripping or shaving caused by non disclosure of any medical or behavioural condition.

If your pet bites or attempts to bite any person or pet, then the dog will be muzzled and it is at the discretion of the groomer to stop treatment. Any treatment completed will be paid for in full and in addition I will pay for any damage and expense that my pet causes.

If you fail to collect my pet on time, then you will be liable for any additional charges which will be assessed according to the period of time and costs incurred.

If your dog has any parasites, you will be liable for the cost of eradicating the pest and any other incidental costs incurred as a result such as the cost of the cancellation of other appointments if that is deemed to be necessary.

In an emergency situation and if your dog’s health causes concern, then the groomer will arrange for your dog to attend a vet of their chosing and you will pay all costs reasonably incurred